Istanbul Ataturk Airport Transfer Service

Istanbul Ataturk airport vip transfer service 

As a company that has been in the sector for a long time, we have a large vehicle fleet. Our vehicles are under 3 years old (Mercedes-Benz Vito (8 + 1), Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (13 + 1) ve Temsa Prestige (27 + 1)  and we provide Atatürk Airport Transfer services special for each customer and always in a clean way.
As a team, we work with experienced and licensed people. Besides being clean and beautifully dressed, our staff speaks English fluently. By obeying the traffic rules, they are carrying away our customers to their destination safely. Transfer vehicles use the latest GPRS version and can be viewed from the center. In this way we try to keep our passengers' safety at the highest level.

General Information About Our Welcome Service in Ataturk Airport Transferss

As, we are maintaining our qualified transfer services at Atatürk Airport as well as at many airports. The beginning of a good holiday is undoubtedly a good transfer. We provide you and your family a comfortable and safe transfer service owing to years of experience and expert staff. We will specify the procedures you need to follow for you not to face difficulty in the airport pickup service, which is the starting point of our transfer service. We will also try to help you understand beter the service we provide with the help of a representative on the bottom side. For questions and detailed information, please contact us via our call centre or the contact form.

1. After getting off the plane at Ataturk Airport, international passengers are required to exit from the passport control point. (P.S. : One of the things to be aware of is that our welcome staff do not wait for you at the passport point.
2. After passing through the passport control point, if you have a suitcase, take your suitcases and move to the exit gate.
3. After leaving the exit gate, our staff will welcome you with a paper with 'SAW TRAVEL' on it.
4. You will get on our transfer vehicle which is ready at the exit gate with our staff together.

At Ataturk Airport transfers, you can check the following options while going to the hotel or place you will stay at. These are the Ataturk airport transfer options that you can prefer after a long flight and they will make you feel safe and comfortable:

Ataturk Airport Economic Transfer
  • In Ataturk Airport Economy transfer, you are allowed to have 1 luggage and 1 hand luggage per 1 person. During the transfer, if there are other passengers going to the same destination, they are included in the transfer. It is door to door service. Waiting duration is about 60 minutes. Maximum 4 passengers can travel on an economy transfer vehicle.
  • In Ataturk Airport Private transfer, you are allowed to have 1 luggage and 1 hand luggage per 1 person. It is door to door service and there is no waiting duration. Transfer is personal, no other customers are included in the transfer. You can book 7/24. You can take advantage of our private transfer service to experience a safe, private transfer.
  • In Ataturk airport VIP transfer, there is no waiting duration and it is for our customers who want to experience a luxurious travel  in the latest model vehicles. You can book 7/24. Without limitation of luggage and waiting, you can choose VIP transfer for a private trip. We provide VIP service at prices beginning with only 90 euro.
Private transfer, VIP& door-to-door service, available 7/24, no waiting time, baggage allowance
As Saw Airport Transfer, we are at your service with the best prices, safe travel and easy booking possibilities. For your Ataturk Airport transfer requests, price information and to make reservations:

Ataturk Airport Transfer Fixed Price

Do not turn Ataturk airport transfers into a nightmare. With our fixed price application you pay the amount you see on our website.  You will pay no extra charge for transfer. All you need to do is to book online through our web site and enjoy the economic transfer.

Ataturk Airport Transfer Services

Ataturk airport, as of 1953, is the airport in which the first aviation activities began. Located 24 km far from the city center, Ataturk Airport has many possibilities for transport facilities. We are always at your side with our experienced, reliable, fast and solution focused team for Ataturk Airport transfers.
When you arrive at the airport, there will be a staff member who meets you with a signboard with your name and the name of your company on it. The staff member, who is experienced and knows English well, will pick you up from the airport and take you to the car you will travel.