Denizli Cardak Airport Transfer

Denizli Cardak Airport Vip Transfer

 Starting at 85 euro, you can choose us for an economical, safe, fast transfer. Especially by guaranteeing a fixed price, we will safely transport you to the point where you will arrive without any extra cost.

General Information about our welcome service at Denizli Cardak airport transfers

Detailed information and representative images are prepared for you in order not to have any problems about Denizli Cardak airport welcome service. For more information you can contact us via our contact section  or our call center.
  1. After getting off the plane at Denizli Cardak Airport, international flights passengers are required to exit from the passport control point. (P.S. : One of the things to be aware of is that our welcome staff do not wait for you at the passport point.)
  2. After you have passed passport control point, if you have a suitcase, please take your suitcases and move to the exit gate. 

  3. After leaving the exit gate, our staff will welcome you with a paper with SAW TRAVEL it.
  4. You will get on our transfer vehicle which is ready at the exit gate with our staff together.

Denizli Cardak Airport Economic Transfer

In Denizli Çardak Airport Economic transfer, you have 1 baggage per person, 1 hand luggage allowance. Door to door service is done. During the transfer, if there are other passengers going to the same destination, they are included in the transfer. The average waiting time is 60 minutes. In Economic transfer, up to 4 passengers can travel in the same vehicle.

In Denizli Cardak Airport Private transfer you have 1 baggage per person + 1 hand baggage allowance. Transfer is personal, different customers are not included. Door-to-door service is available and there is no waiting period. You can make a reservation 24/7. You can take advantage of our private transfer service for a confident and private transfer experience.
You can contact us for further details, questions and payment information related to our Denizli Cardak Airport transfer services.

Denizli Cardak Airport Transfer

Denizli Cardak Airport Transfer
Denizli Çardak Airport is an airport located at the Çardak district of Denizli, 65 km far from the city center. As Saw Airport Transfer, we have been carrying out Denizli Cardak Airport transfers with great care for many years. Our transfer destinations in Denizli are Pamukkale and Denizli city center.